Stegosaurus : plates :: kentrosaurus:  spikes

Python :  slither :: bat:  fly

Night  :  dark  ::  day:  light

Hippo  :  herbivore  ::  human:  omnivore

Leaf  :  tree  ::  petal:  flower

Tiger  :  stripes  ::  jaguar:  spots

Earth  :  planet  ::  sun:  star


How Volcanoes Erupt

Volcanoes can erupt at any time.  First we need to know where do volcanoes get their lava.  Volcanoes  get their lava from the core its when two plates collide and one plate slides under the other one.  Then it causes the mantle to melt and it melts more rock and when it has too much pressure it cracks open and explodes.  When the lava cools down and it makes a volcano.  Next when the volcano erupts it blat out lava or magma,  bombs,  glass,  and pumice in the air.  Sometimes volcanoes can explode with only smoke.  The volcanoes have a magma chamber where it sits before it shoots out.

Mount Vesuvius and Mount St. Helen’s

Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. St. Helen’s are two of the most famous volcanoes in  the the world.  Mount Vesuvius  is the only active volcano on mainland Europe.  Mount Vesuvius is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to the large population in the cities around it.  Mount St.  Helen’s was surrounded by trees.  Natives call Mount St.  Helen fire mountain.  The last serious eruption was in 1944.  Under Mount Vesuvius scientist detected a tear in the African plate .  Shortly Mount Vesuvius made a wall of volcanic mud and covered the town of Herculaneum.  Mount Vesuvius first eruption was in A.D.  79 Where it destroyed Pompeii.  Mount St.  Helen’s erupted on May 18 8:32 a.m. Mount St.  Helen is in Washington.  Mount St.  Helen’s has only killed 57 people when the eruption happened.  Researchers have found 80 skeletons in Mount Vesuvius in a boat.  Mount Vesuvius erupted because of earthquakes.  Mount St. Helen’s erupted because of earthquakes and steam explosions.  Both volcanoes had earthquakes because they were showing warnings they were going to erupt.  Only less than 100 people died at Mount St.  Helen’s because they followed the orders to evacuate.  Many people died at Pompeii because they thought Mount Vesuvius was only a mountain.  Mount St.  Helen’s and Mount Vesuvius are two famous volcanoes that people enjoy learning about.