Stretchy Sidney’s Tall Tale Adventure

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Stretchy Sidney was a girl with a power where she can stretch as long as she can and Sidney can detach her body parts.  She was born in a cabin during her life she would grow  two feet tall.  Her mom and dad let her go when she was 32 feet tall.  She went to the town and was hired to help the towns people with disasters or attacks.  First Sidney was relaxing on her hammock that day and she almost fell asleep until she heard a scream that shocked her.she came and saw a horrific kangaroo that fell in toxic waste it was large and hairy.  Then the kangaroo kicked and punched villages as fast as the wind.  Next Sidney saw the kangaroo come right at her like a race car.  She came and stretched around the kangaroo  and tried to make the kangaroo faint,  but the kangaroo kicked Sidney off and threw her away in the canyon.  next Stretchy Sidney shouted at the kangaroo”  I’m here for round two.”  So the kangaroo charged at Sidney again and Sidney turned into a big blob.  After that the kangaroo slipped and fell in the canyon and that night they all had kangaroo stew.The End.

3rd Grade Reflections

I learned how to make a voki and publish it too.

I struggled with division and spelling.

divison suprised me because I thought it was for 4th grade.

I was disappointed when i had a 60 on my paper.