Billy La Bufanda

During Wooly Week I we matched Spanish words to the picture we believed to be correct for our story as a group, while Sra. Huggins guided us through it. Next, we filled out increasingly difficult paragraphs about the plot in we made with our teacher. We listened to the song,” Una Cancion Original” by Senior Wooly and went over the nuggets for it. Finally, we took a writing test on the song’s plot to see how many words we could get in a limited amount of time. Then, we did a relay race to see which sentence fit the best with the characters in the book,” Brandon Brown Quiere Un Perro”. Finally, spring break arrived and Sra. gave everyone in class a Billy la Bufanda to take on our trip.

My favorite part about Wooly Week, I loved the relay race. It was a 2 v 2 v 2, a battle of the wits, and we we’re at each other’s throats. While Robert’s and Reese’s group were pushing and arguing, Karson and I simply ran up t the board and got some grain. My favorite part was when we were stumped on a question no other class had had problems with and I was ready for Sra. Huggins to call us stupid. In the end, Karson and I won some Jolly Ranchers and all was good.

We listened to the song,” Billy La Bufanda” and I had mixed feelings. First the song talks about where Billy goes, but he can’t do things because he is but a simple scarf. I really liked the tune of the song, but I was really turned off by the creepiness Billy has towards the, obviously, underaged boots. Either way I took Billy with me during my spring break trip and went through some adventures together, such as Si Flags and the city of Dallas.