Tourism Guide: Mexico

We were reading a book in Spanish called, “Pobre Ana”. In the book she goes to Nayarit, state in Mexico, thus we started a project over Mexico’s physical and political geography. The project was over research on the population of states in Mexico, where they were located,  other essential information that we should know about Mexico and for future use in our Spanish classes. Then we went and did a slideshow over 10 places to visit in Mexico, two from Nayarit. Surprisingly I obtained vital info that Mexico was a country, not a state. before the research I thought of Mexico as a poor country with not a lot of things to do there. As I realized after my rigorous research, it has many interesting places to go. For example, Rancho Manuel is a tour of the beaches and jungles of Sayulita, on a horse! Our next destination I recommend is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, a great location for food, beaches, the distinctive rock formation, and Instagram pictures. Overall I enjoyed this project and learned a lot about Mexico and what fun you can have there.