GS Project Reflection

I think that we did pretty good but we did have some arguments and missing group members I think had the project under control most of the time.But Jersey and I could handle the 2 lessons.I am satisfied with the results of our project and I saw the results were mostly great.

The Lookouts vs The Yankees

Papers,Papers!  Incredible game at Chattanooga The Lookouts vs The Yankees.  The newest addition to the Lookouts is a girl.  Her name is Jackie Mitchell a 17 year old pitcher.  Pitching against the all time greats of baseball Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  This just in Jackie Mitchell has struck out Babe Ruth and oh my Lou Gehrig too!  Now the manager is calling Jackie off the field leaving the crowd mesmerized.

Tax Activity

We did an activity that was similar to what the taxes were like back then.  First our teacher acted as British.  She gave everyone a cup of 10 mints which were like money.  Then she would call out thing like,”If you have brown hair.”  It would cost people 3 mints for people with brown hair.  She kept saying questions until she said 5 questions.  Most of the people in my class had no more mints left in their cup at the end.  I’ve learned that taxes back then were unfair and it could have been handled a lot better.

2014-2015 events

In 2014 I was accepted in to G.T I felt honored that I was smart enough to go go things others would do later.  I told my dad about it and he was overjoyed that I got in.  I was so joyful during the Summer.  Now that it’s 2015 I can’t wait to do G.T.  I will always remember this moment as a success in life for me.

In 2015 i’m looking forward to going to Vietnam during the summer.  So I can meet my cousins and aunts.  Also because the fun places and tasty food there is.  I love going there mostly because I can spend time with my family and friends.  I can’t wait fro 2015’s Summer.