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Bill Pickett
Bill was the second of 13 children born to Thomas Jefferson Pickett.

Bill was shown in a movie created by Richard E. Norman.

Bill was killed when he was kicked hard in the head by a wild bronco.

Chester W. Nimitz 

Chester at 1944 got the rank Fleet Admiral.

Chester lost part of his finger in an accident.

Chester did Allied air,land,sea forces during World War ll.

Huddie Ledbetter

Life ran a three page article titled “Lead Belly.

Huddie was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Huddie was arested and escaped from jail.



Alamo Fire aka Maroon Bluebonnet

Alamo Fire bluebonnet

The Scientific Classification(family)is Fabaceae.  The Scientific Name is  Lupinus Texensis.  The flower which blooms during March to May are in all regions of Texas.  Interesting fact about it is it took over 20 years to develop the flower’s color!  The flower is very strict because it can’t take flat areas.  The flower will have to take 15 to 75 days grow.  


Water Conservation

  Hurry!practice saving that water now.  This resources could vanish just like that if we don’t save water  immediately.
    Instead of having people going to the water fountain every kid can bring one water bottle everyday.  Don’t just use a few  dishes use a full load.  Every time you wash the dishes it takes about 50 gallons of water a day.  We can try to take shorter showers each day.  One time my friend was so thirsty he almost drank a whole gallon.  A whole sandwich could take up to 100 gallons of water!  You can wear the same clothes for 2 days.  Most americans use up to about 500 gallons a day.  Every time you flush a toilet it takes up to 10 gallons.                                                                                                                                       We can practice water conservation as soon possible.  Now get going and practice.

Thanksgiving Math

There were 4 tables in the house.  There was 1 turkey on each table.  Six mashed potatoes and nine pumpkin pies were on each table too.  But Uncle Ernie dropped 9 mashed potatoes,one turkey,six pumpkin pies.  How much food was left in all?

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