Book Review

Title:Giant Pandas
Author:Don Cruickshank
Genre:Non fiction
Summary:Pandas like to eat bamboo.
Pandas have a throut that has a cover.
They can only be found in china.
This book has myths,facts,and cute pictures.
Pandas could be the cutest bear alive.
This book is perfect for a third grader.
because the book has cute panda pictures
It has interesting facts.

You Can Be Like Martin

Martin was a proud boy.
And proud when a man.
He wanted equal rights throughout our land.
You can be a proud child.
Even a proud man.
You can be like Martin.
Yes,you can

Martin was a proud boy.
And proud when he became a man.
He tried to teach pride to Black poeple.
All throughout our land.
You can be a proud child.
And proud when you’re a man.

Based on the poem called “You Can Be Like Martin”
By Mildred D.Johnson

A Good Time at Great Wolf Lodge

My dad said,”Wake up it’s time to go to Dallas.”  So I woke up, went to the car,  and my dad took me to Dallas.  When I got to Dallas we stopped to eat a little bit.  Then  we drove to Great Wolf Lodge and unpacked.  After that we got into our swim clothes and went to the water park.  I first went to the hot tub and then went to a giant bucket full of water.  Next I went back to the apartment and took a bath.  After everyone was done we went to the arcade and I played Primeval Hunt, a dinosaur game. Then I touched a touch screen and got M&m’s, Nerds, and vanilla.  Then I jumped back and forth on the beds.  Next I went to sleep and woke up.  After that I went to a 4D place and put on my special glasses.  Then I watched a short movie and went home.  I had a lot of fun there, but I was sad that I had to leave.

The Test and My Sparring

I woke up early in the day,
but I wanted to hit the hay.
When I looked at my mess
I remembered I had to do a test.
so I ran to school
and I didn’t think anything cool.
I ran really fast
and then I made it to class.
The teacher said, “It’s time for the test,”
so I did my best.
When my dad said, “It’s time for Tae kwon Doe,”
I had to travel through the snow.
My teacher said,”It’s time to spar.”
First I had to hold the bar.
My teammate was super slick.
But I gave him a kick.
When I won
I felt like a sun.