Winter Troubles

Once upon a time there lived 5 friends there were Bob the bear,  Rocky the rabbit,  Todd the turtle,  Chyna the chameleon,  and Robert the raccoon.  One Fall the animals were having fun playing around all Fall.  Until Todd felt a cold breeze on his shell and declared,  “What season is it?  “I don’t know?” said Robert.  So all the animals walked to the squirrel’s tree and asked them “What season is it?”  they all asked “Well if you are asking it’s winter.”  The papa squirrel expressed “Winter!”  All the animals screamed.  Then the animals ran to bushes they thought that had berries in it.  “What are we going to do now!”  Asked Rocky.  “I guess we should go around the forest and find food.”  spoke Todd so they ran to trees,bushes,and dumpsters.  “Hey where is Todd?” asked Bob.  “I guess he is lost somewhere.”,  explained Chyna.  However the were still going to find food.  “What do you have to eat.”  declared Robert.  “A bag of marsh mellows,  7 apples,  a black berry,  and 20 raspberries.”,  stated Bob.  Then they heard a scream the animals rushed to where they heard the scream and they looked at a frozen waterfall.  They observed a green mark under the ice and saw Todd was in the waterfall and a lot of berry bushes.  Bob started breaking the ice and Bob got Todd out of the waterfall.  Then all the animals collected the berries and went back to their home.  Next they lived happily ever.  The End

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a brave leader.  First, Harriet Tubman had perseverance because she never gave up on her dream of freedom.  Also, Harriet Tubman was caring because she freed some of her family members.  Third, Harriet Tubman was brave because she tried to untie the black horse and ride away to Canada.  Finally, Harriet Tubman was diligent because  she assisted the slaves to run away to states that had a law against slavery.  She risked her life when she went back to danger to help hundreds of other slaves escape.