The Best Gift I Gave

The best gift I gave to someone was a whole day with my dad.  When my dad heard that I would hang out with him for an entire day he kissed me right on the cheek.  I felt really ecstatic that I could hangout with him.  Not only did I feel good about it I also felt like a gift for me to spend an entire day with him.No distracions just me and my dad having fun.This gift made my dad’s day and also mine too.


The Magic Trick


“Do you want to see a magic trick?”questioned Eric.

     “Yes, unless you do it!” declared Brighton.

      “I’ll make us disappear!” proclaimed Eric.

     “Wait, think about what you’re doing?” protested Brighton and poof they disappeared.

      “I think I messed up.” sighed Eric.

     “Of course you didn’t.” thought Pudgy Pooch Sarcastically.

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5th Grade Reflections

Everything is still great as usual from the beginning to the end though a some of my interest have changed like my new favorite color is now Red. I have new friends and some that are going to move next year. This is a year to remember.

GS Project Reflection

I think that we did pretty good but we did have some arguments and missing group members I think had the project under control most of the time.But Jersey and I could handle the 2 lessons.I am satisfied with the results of our project and I saw the results were mostly great.